Monday, April 14, 2014

Kenna's Birthday Party: Disney Frozen Edition

Kenna turned 9 on Saturday (seriously, how did this happen?!?) and we celebrated with her friends yesterday. Grammy has just asked to see pictures from the big event, and so here they are! (I'd post them on Facebook, but I don't want ALL my "friends" to know of my birthday party craziness!!)

Kenna (along with millions of other little girls around the world!!) chose Disney's FROZEN as her this year's birthday party theme! I had originally started pinning ideas for a rainbow Rainbow Loom party (her OTHER obsession) but she was pretty set on having a Frozen movie party, complete with a movie sing-a-long!  Apparently her school friends told her that her movie themed birthday (with concession and Makenna-bucks) was her best one ever.  Therefore, she did not even consider the rainbow loom theme (even with me enticing her with all my colourful pins on Pinterest)!

I, being the crazed birthday party planning mom I am, was not super thrilled about repeating this theme (I get bored). So we settled on a Frozen/snow/snowman theme, with food "order forms" that we could fill for the birthday guests. 

Invite courtesy of Andy Frew!
Table centerpiece - Jorja's Christmas present!

Kenna did the Olaf Juiceboxes

Snowflake sugar cookies were goody bag favours!
The gang!
With special guest, Stephanie! (Jorja missed the memo on the "normal" picture!
Crazy faces!
Snowman pizza
Order forms! (Courtesy of Daddy, of course!)
Present time
Birthday cake flavoured ice cream made into birthday cake! Oh irony!
The birthday girl, post candle blow!
Birthday party picnic, for pizza and then cake! (14 guests don't fit at my table!)
And so the new nine year old was happy and well-celebrated. And thankful. And all was well with the world. ;)

(Excuse the billion pictures of the food stuffs, but this was the main reason I was up till 2:30 am on Saturday night. And so I MUST post these here!)


Melissa said...

Such creativity! Perhaps professional party planner will be on your job list one day!

Little Gumnut said...

awww looks lovely! 2.30am?? that's dedication!

erin said...

You're amazing!!!