Thursday, March 20, 2014

Spring Break Get-Away!

We started off our spring break with little get-away to Grand Mound, Washington with our Oldham cousins to go to Great Wolf Lodge.  What a blast!  And considering I'm not normally a big water slider, that is huge compliment!  I love the consistent (warm) temperature and lack of cold breezes, and my back (and bathing suit!) is thankful for tube rides.

Because of some passport issues (Andy had renewed his as it expires in May, and the new one had not been delivered yet we were crossing the border with his hole-punched passport), we decided to head down a day early and stayed overnight in Renton.  This extended our family vacay a bit, made the drive a bit more broken up, and gave us some "just Frew" time!  The kids love the continental buffet breakfast at our hotel (no waffles this time though, so Apple Jacks and unhealthy muffins it was!) and a chance to swim in the pool in the morning before heading out.

Oldhams met us around lunchtime on Monday! Here is the Fr-oldham gang, super excited to be at Great Wolf Lodge!  Lukas told Juli he wished he could do back flips, as he was soooo excited to be there!

They were VERY excited to finally arrive!
We got settled in our room and then quickly suited up and headed to the water park.  The pictures don't do it justice!  I did try to take lots of pictures, but there was a lot of running and blurrrrr, water and splashes.  ;) Hopefully you can sense the joy and fun!

Jorja and Naya 
Post ride victory cheer
Big smiles (with a daddy in the background)
River Canyon Run
The Frew gang 

Another highlight was the buffet dinner.  The online deal we scored for GWL came with a $50 credit at the lodge, and so we chose to use it to do a buffet dinner at the Loose Moose Cottage on Monday evening.  This is a kids' dream - unlimited trips to get whatever you want!  Lukas came back from one trip with apple crisp topped with pickles.  (Unfortunately they were sweet pickles, so it wasn't the dish he had hoped for!) Janaya picked a plate of just croutons.  And the can o' whip was a huge hit too!  I think all six kids enjoyed a plate of the stuff, with maybe some fruit or cookie buried underneath! 
The plate of croutons!
Yes, there is fruit under there! 
Special Delivery for Uncle Jason!
With the big sign, before heading out.
The Fr-oldham posse!

Good times! Great memories! 


kelly ens said...

this is awesome! What fun!!
I see in these pictures (and maybe its because I haven't seen pictures of them in so long) that Kaleb is all you, Makenna is all Andy and Jorja is an even combo of the two of you!

Little Gumnut said...

I was so hoping to see some photos of the mummies together! xxx

Melissa said...

Such a fantastic way to spend spring break! What fun memories with the cousins!