Thursday, March 20, 2014

Spring break is here!

I can't tell you how much I was looking forward to this break! From school (the kids and my own)! From making lunches and getting out the door on time! From homework and planning! From the routine of spending days apart from my little family!

I'm soaking up this time with my favourite little (or not-so-little) people!

I'm trying to be better at taking photos, as I've not been using my camera much lately. (The good and bad of having a camera phone.)

These are from my Friday night with Jorja (Instagram bomb!).  Andy had the big kids at the Giants game, along with the Crossridge Church Junior High kids, and so J and I had a little date.  We (she!) had a maple dip donut from Timmies (thanks, Roll Up the Rim!) and then watched shows in the big king bed while painting finger nails.  Good times! And just what I needed to start my Spring Break.

Twinsies, in our green stripes!
Maple dip was her pick!  Freeeeee donut! 
#fridaynightsnuggles (Notice the nice nail polish!)
Friday snuggle silly faces!

Now it is Thursday afternoon.  I've got two batches of soup on the go, plus chicken marinating in the fridge.  Jorja is sitting beside me, munching on carrots and doing a great job of trying to read while I type.  We're both in our jammies. Makenna is drawing Olaf from the movie Frozen on the computer, and Kaleb is having a Minecraft online playdate with two girls from church.  The sun is shining and the birds are chirping and it feels and sounds like SPRING! 

Yahooooo! Good day!


Little Gumnut said...

I'm amazed that we're coming up to our holidays too so soon, only we're into autumn! Love to you and the fam!