Monday, July 15, 2013

More Birthday Celebrating!

Loads of June birthday in our family! Seven in our two immediate families, so this month is filled with lots celebrations.  We basically party all month long! ;)

Kaleb and Papa are" birthday buddies", as we call it, because their birthdays are only a couple days apart. This year, Grammy and Papa came down to Surrey on Father's Day afternoon.  They caught one of Kaleb's tournament baseball games, and we then headed back to our house to celebrate two of our favourite boys. 
A decade old, and one year short of seven decades!
Rice krispie cake PLUS whip cream and Smarties! Woah!

The next birthday celebration was for "Duncle Ug"!  We should have included Hudson in our celebration, since his birthday is less than a week away, but weren't that smart about it!  (Next year!) Jan was working, so we had the Frew four over for dinner and then some brownie birthday cake.
Nice faces!
And then a few days later comes Andy.  The kids and I had a blast blowing up a ton of balloons the day before and hiding them in the kids' bedroom closet so that we could surprise him with a birthday balloon wake-up the next morning. What started out as us sneaking in to cover the bed with balloons turned into a big balloon fight, with Andy trying to keep balloons off the bed and us four trying to get them on.  What a fun and memorable way to begin a birthday, according the Daddy!
We snuck in a quick birthday lunch (his steak dinner was FREE!) at the Vault!
Oreo PB Brownie Reese topped treats are the new b-day tradition for Andy!
Singing & celebrating before he heads out to boys' night at the pub for wings!


Melissa said...

Where have you been? I miss reading your updates?!