Thursday, January 08, 2015

Big News for the Frews!

(Hey, that rhymes!) 

This is a letter from Andy to our Crossridge Church Community Group. I thought I'd post it here too so others can pray for us as we embark on this new, and exciting, journey.
In December, Niki and I started the process of applying to be foster parents. It’s something that God’s been stirring in both of us over the last several years, and through a number of conversations and discovery of the need, it seems like He’s telling us the time is now.
While just asking for general prayers around all this stuff is a given, I also wanted to ask that you pray for us this week especially. They’ve decided to fast-track our home study process and while we were expecting this to happen sometime over the course of the next couple of months, we found out today that it’s going to happen on Thursday. 2 days from now. 
We’re just praying that God will prepare us for whatever it is he has for us in the next while, as well as asking Him to give us wisdom as we spend time with Rusty, who will be doing our home study. No idea what his experience has been with the church, but we want to represent Jesus well.
So…yeah…that’s the skinny as of right now. We’re pretty excited. Our kids are excited. And we’re also terrified on a number of levels. 
Anyway…since only a few are able to come tonight…wanted to get this out there so it’s on your minds before we meet at 9am Thursday. I’ll have only been awake for 30 minutes. 


Prayers appreciated. More updates to come... 

Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Jorja is 7!

Jumping now to Jorja's birthday, from back in November.  I've been wanting to do a rainbow party for awhile now, and someone finally said yes! ;)  Thank-you, Jorja!  We decorated rainbow loom storage boxes, created some rainbow loom bracelets, and then added some shrink-art charms.

It was a fun, colourful day, celebrating our sweet seven year old!

The invite!
The classic rainbow cake, in the making.
Rainbow cupcakes for her class!
Big sis helps get the rainbow loom supplies ready.
Gratuitous big brother photo.
Party favours and crafting supplies.
Crafty table
So fun to decorate the dining room!
The finished cake!

The photographer! ;)

The group shot!
Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you!

Kaleb's 11th Birthday Party!

Yup, backtracking to Kaleb's 11th birthday party.  Just six months after it happened!  No big deal, right? ;)

I am hoping to get back to documenting Frew family life here on the blog.  No promises, but we will see.  (I've said that before, so am being realistic about it actually happening.)

Here is Kaleb's birthday celebration, which didn't happen till the beginning of July.  Chalk that up to three kids in fast pitch and our trip to Chicago to see Gramma and Grampa!  (June was nuts!)

We started with a hot dog dinner in the backyard, and then played some water games, hosted by daddy. Next we headed inside to watch The Lego Movie (complete with movie concession stand).  (Hearing a gang of eleven year old boys sing along with "Everything is Awesome" was just as epic as hearing a gaggle of girls sing "Let It Go" at Kenna's party!) The party ended with ice cream sandwich cake on the front lawn. It wasn't my most elaborate party, but the birthday boy was happy and that is what counts.  :)

Andy's cool ticket creation!
Kaleb shows of the movie concession stand!
The 11 year old!
The girls!
Birthday boy and crazy cousin!
My ice cream sandwich cake creation
Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you!
Oh Mikah! 
The whole gang, waiting for cake time.

Jorja's party still to come. Plus some exciting news for this Frew family. Stay tuned!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Kenna's Birthday Party: Disney Frozen Edition

Kenna turned 9 on Saturday (seriously, how did this happen?!?) and we celebrated with her friends yesterday. Grammy has just asked to see pictures from the big event, and so here they are! (I'd post them on Facebook, but I don't want ALL my "friends" to know of my birthday party craziness!!)

Kenna (along with millions of other little girls around the world!!) chose Disney's FROZEN as her this year's birthday party theme! I had originally started pinning ideas for a rainbow Rainbow Loom party (her OTHER obsession) but she was pretty set on having a Frozen movie party, complete with a movie sing-a-long!  Apparently her school friends told her that her movie themed birthday (with concession and Makenna-bucks) was her best one ever.  Therefore, she did not even consider the rainbow loom theme (even with me enticing her with all my colourful pins on Pinterest)!

I, being the crazed birthday party planning mom I am, was not super thrilled about repeating this theme (I get bored). So we settled on a Frozen/snow/snowman theme, with food "order forms" that we could fill for the birthday guests. 

Invite courtesy of Andy Frew!
Table centerpiece - Jorja's Christmas present!

Kenna did the Olaf Juiceboxes

Snowflake sugar cookies were goody bag favours!
The gang!
With special guest, Stephanie! (Jorja missed the memo on the "normal" picture!
Crazy faces!
Snowman pizza
Order forms! (Courtesy of Daddy, of course!)
Present time
Birthday cake flavoured ice cream made into birthday cake! Oh irony!
The birthday girl, post candle blow!
Birthday party picnic, for pizza and then cake! (14 guests don't fit at my table!)
And so the new nine year old was happy and well-celebrated. And thankful. And all was well with the world. ;)

(Excuse the billion pictures of the food stuffs, but this was the main reason I was up till 2:30 am on Saturday night. And so I MUST post these here!)